N. Petrovsky has been self producing and four-walling underground films for 22 years. My award-winning work has been praised by Gus Van Sant, James Benning and film scholar Ray Carney. I tell stories of love lost and the inherent fallibility of verbal human communication. My work’s distinctive and cozy visual style is greatly influenced by the amazing work of socially conscious filmmakers such as Straub-Huillet, Chantal Akerman, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Yasujiro Ozu.


Bread & Butter, 2025-ish, 90 mins, 6K/16mm/S35mm

一期一会 (“for this time only”) 2024, 28 mins, 6K

追加の日本のシーン (Additional Japan Scenes) 2023, 43 mins, 4K

Sampa / Shadows, 2023, 4 mins, 4k

14 Daily Scenes 2014, 30 mins, 2K

The Three Muses 2012, 40 mins, S35mm

日本九景 (nihon kyuukei) 2012, 37 mins, 2K

Field Guide to November Days 2010, 80 mins, S16mm

yellow 2006, 97 mins, S16mm

Musical Offering 2006, 8 mins, S16mm

Frenesi 2006, 3 mins, 2K

Contingent 2004, 26 mins, S16mm

Split Pea Soup 2004, 4 mins, S16mm

Dog Breath, In The Year of the Plague 2004, 12 mins, S16mm

Webern Tests 2004, 5 mins, S16mm

Three 2003, 13 mins, S16mm

Two 2003, 10 mins, 16mm

One 2002, 10 mins, 16mm