About Us

Nick+Mary have worked together creatively since 2002. Our award-winning film work is praised by Gus Van Sant, James Benning and film scholar Ray Carney. We are known for our fine-focused attention to detail; narratives that are communicated visually rather than through expository dialogue; and our distinctive visual style which is greatly influenced by socially conscious filmmakers including Straub-Huillet, Chantal Akerman, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Yasujiro Ozu.


Bread & Butter, 2025, Super 16mm

一期一会 (Ichi-go ichi-e / “for this time only”) 2023, HD Video

日本の補足的見解 (Nihon no hosoku-teki kenkai / “Supplementary views of Japan”) 2023, HD Video

14 Daily Scenes 2014, 30 mins, HD Video

The Three Muses 2012, 40 mins, Super 35mm

日本九景 (nihon kyuukei) 2012, 37 mins, HD Video

Field Guide to November Days 2010, 80 mins, Super 16mm

yellow 2006, 97 mins, Super 16mm

Musical Offering 2006, 8 mins, Super 16mm

Frenesi 2006, 3 mins, SD Video

Contingent 2004, 26 mins, Super 16mm

Split Pea Soup 2004, 4 mins, Super 16mm

Dog Breath, In The Year of the Plague 2004, 12 mins, Super 16mm

Webern Tests 2004, 5 mins, Super 16mm

Three 2003, 13 mins, Super 16mm

Two 2003, 10 mins, 16mm

One 2002, 10 mins, 16mm

Photos & Musings


  • Bresson, Sometime Between 1950-58
    No psychology (of the kind which discovers only what it can explain). * When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best — that is inspiration.