Three Muses and Nihon Kyuukei DVD


Three Muses

A trilogy of meditative short films which explore how age and memory relate to artistic inspiration and how one’s perspective on life is altered during the process. Each film presents a portrait of an individual who has personally influenced the filmmaker, Nick Peterson, and represent various stages of the awareness and influence of art throughout a persons life. A laborious effort, from carrying over 90 pounds of film equipment across the treacherous snow-covered obsidian flows of Paulina Peak to the construction of the stage for WIMBC, Muses was as much of a physical endurance trial as it was a collaborative feat of tenacity and vision.

(2012, 40 mins)

Nihon Kyuukei

From the Kantō prefecture in central Honshu to the Kyushu region in the south, this collection of landscape portraits was taken in Japan during the summer of 2012 and sent filmmaker Nick Peterson to remote destinations in search of the distinctive relationship between Japan’s scenic vistas and the character of it’s people. Along the journey are such sights as the flowing rice fields of Kanagawa prefecture, the sounds of the deafening drone of cicadas off the shores of Karatsu and a gliding ferry ride to Yawatahama across the Uwa Sea. A profile of a stunningly beautiful country often typified by the bustling and crowded cities of Tokyo and Osaka, kyuukei is a quiet musing on rural Japan’s more easily missed splendor.

(2012, 37 mins)


Field Guide to November Days DVD


An almost wordless study of social isolation, miscommunication and sexual identity, Field Guide was made as a counter-piece to our previous film, yellow. The film follows a recently separated couple, Matt (Joe Haege) and Natalie (Briana Ledford), as they attempt a reconciliation. When their relationship fails a second time, each begin to explore their identities independently; Natalie through socially radical action and Matt through his sexuality. Filmed entirely by bicycle (all cast, crew and equipment was transported without the aid of cars), filmmakers Nick and Mary toured the film by bike from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles, CA, screening the film in 9 different cities in the Summer of 2010. The tour totaled five weeks and over 1,300 miles.

(2010, 80 mins)


yellow DVD

Description from Northwest Film Forum:

The collaboration of filmmaker Nick Peterson and musician Eric Schopmeyer, yellow combines the sensibilities of Ernst Lubitsch’s Hollywood musicals of the 1930s and the restrained photographic sense of Yasujiro Ozu to create a unique modern musical exploring the complexities of love, sex and relationships. The story follows cynical Natalie (Nora Ryan) and her interactions with new boyfriend Matt (Eric Schopmeyer) and best friend Christian (Nico Izambard). The clever original songs never upstage the film, but rather serve as integral parts of the story. Amazingly, they were recorded live on the set with the musicians accompanying off camera, lending a naturalness to the performances and transitions. Shot and edited completely on film, yellow‘s daring artistic approach makes the indie musical one of the most original features to come out of Portland in recent years.

(2006, 97 mins); DVD also contains short films Musical Offering and Frenesi


Short Films DVD

Contingent (2004, 26 minutes)
An account of two years in the life of Carmen, a woman who slowly feels herself disillusioned with the ideals of friendship, intimacy and her own independence.

Split Pea Soup (2004, 4 minutes)
Three complete strangers go about their lives, sometimes passing each other anonymously.

Dog Breath, In the Year of the Plague (2004, 12 minutes)
Three friends participate in an iconoclastic plan to chide death.

Webern Tests (2004, 5 minutes)
Five short films inspired by the music of Austrian composer Anton Webern.

three, two, one (2003-2002, 10 minutes each)
Three short films that explore the difficulties of communication.