2006, 90 mins
Super 16mm

Directed by
Nick Peterson/Mary Defreese

Eric Schopmeyer, Nora Ryan, Nico Izambard

A collaboration between Portland filmmaker duo Peterson-Defreese and musician Eric Schopmeyer (Slackjaw, Waxwings), "yellow" combines the sensibilities of Ernst Lubitsch's Hollywood musicals of the 1930s and the restrained photographic sense of Yasujiro Ozu to create a unique modern musical exploring the complexities of love, sex and relationships. The story follows cynical Natalie (Nora Ryan) and her interactions with new boyfriend Matt (Eric Schopmeyer) and best friend Christian (Nico Izambard). During filming all of the music was recorded live on set, with the musicians accompanying just off camera, in an effort to capture a sense of naturalness from the (primarily nonprofessional) cast.

Music and Lyrics
Eric Schopmeyer

Art Direction
Mary Defreese

Location Sound
Ryan Shanholtzer

Sean Stevens

Assistant Director and Location Audio
Jake Parten

Pinch Hitter
Ady Leverette

On-Set Pro Tools Engineer
Don Peterkofsky

Set Photography
Ty Chance

Trombone/Ensemble Leader
Lars Campbell

Nick Kahl

Hillary Schoap

Marimba on "I'm Not Convinced"
Eric Scopmeyer

Drums on "Let's Be Prude" and "First Morning"
Jean-Paul Ramos

Drums on "I'm Not Convinced" and "Some Tenderness"
Marimba on "Let's Be Prude" and "Reprise"
Vibraphone on "First Morning" and "Soliloquy"
Martin Castillo

Guitar on "Sobriety"
Nicole Sangsuree

Accordion on "Sobriety"
Thomas Phillipson

Eric Schopmeyer
Nora Ryan
Nico Izambard
Hannah Phelps
Chris Graham
Jaime Currier
Nicole Sangsuree
Thomas Phillipson
Sarah Campbell
Eugene Valjean
Mark Schopmeyer
Amy Rose
Lee Parten
Lin Sorensen
Cathy Leverette
Rob Tyler
Andrew Hamilton
Elizabeth Corazon
Nikolai Petrovsky
Jin Lee
Redd Moon
Ryan Shanholtzer
John Meindersee
Peter Bauer
Mike Wilder
Bill Leverette
Kasey Wagoner
Ady Leverette
Ariel Hartwell
Sean Stevens
Andy Blubaugh
Vladimir (as herself)