The Three Muses

2012, 40 mins

Written and Directed by
Nick Peterson

Yuna Lee, Seth Brown, John Niekrasz, Eugene Valjean, Jin Camou, Joe Haege

A trilogy of meditative short films which explore how age and memory relate to artistic inspiration and how one’s perspective on life is altered during the process. Each film presents a portrait of an individual who has personally influenced the filmmaker, Nick Peterson, and represent various stages of the awareness and influence of art throughout a persons life. In “Melete” (contemplation), 4 year old Yuna embarks on a camping trip with her parents to the Deschutes National Forest in central Oregon. Captivated by her new scenic surroundings, Yuna’s curiosity leads her imagination to grow and reflect inwardly. “Aoide” (song) documents a live performance by the experimental duo Why I Must Be Careful as they play on a specially constructed performance stage in the middle of Summit Lake high atop Mt. Hood. Finally, “Mneme” (memory) follows 70 year old Eugene as his daily routine accidently intersects with the life of a stranger. A laborious effort, from carrying over 90 pounds of film equipment across the treacherous snow-covered obsidian flows of Paulina Peak to the construction of the stage for WIMBC, Muses was as much of a physical endurance trial as it was a collaborative feat of tenacity and vision. This trilogy was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Press Release (PDF) High Resolution Press Frame Grabs (53MB ZIP file) High Resolution Press Production Stills (307MB ZIP file)


Yuna Lee
Chani Lee
Jin Lee

Camera Assistant and Audio
Tia Nii


Why I Must Be Careful
Seth Brown and John Niekrasz

Alex Watson

Camera Assistant
Tia Nii


Eugene Valjean
Jin Camou
Joe Haege
Tia Nii

Assistant Director and Makeup
Tia Nii

Jacob Clary

Dolly Grip
Giovani Knox

Vexations by Erik Satie

Performed and Recorded by
Eric Schopmeyer

Special Thanks
Mom and Dad
Kari Coleman
Gus van Sant
Thomas Humphrey
Chad Mayer
Lee and Jake Parten
Chin, Halo Thai
Robert Bartleson
Peter Matar, Visual Products
Eric Rosen, Lightpress
Jean Fee, Alphacine