red ("Field Guide to November Days")

2010, 80 mins
Super 16mm

Written and Directed by
Nick Peterson

Produced by
Mary Defreese

Joe Haege, Briana Ledford

An almost wordless study of social isolation, miscommunication and sexual identity, Field Guide was made as a counter-piece to our previous film, yellow. The film follows a recently separated couple, Matt (Joe Haege) and Natalie (Briana Ledford), as they attempt a reconciliation. When their relationship fails a second time, each begin to explore their identities independently; Natalie through socially radical action and Matt through his sexuality.

Filmed entirely by bicycle (all cast, crew and equipment was transported without the aid of cars), filmmakers Nick and Mary toured the film by bike from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles, CA, screening the film in 9 different cities in the Summer of 2010. The tour totaled five weeks and over 1,300 miles. Bike tour details

Art Direction
Mary DeFreese

Location Sound
Morgan Hobart, Jared Arave

Set Photography
Ty Chance

Eric Schopmeyer

Matt: Joe Haege
Natalie: Briana Ledford
Christian: Nick Peterson
Jason: Andrew Ellmaker
Sarah: Becky Dawson
Hannah: Mary DeFreese
Kasey: Ledah Wilcox
Sean: Hunter T. Bronn
Marcus: Jeff Mills
Hitchhiker: Suzette Smith
Coffee Shop Patron: Eugene Valjean
Coworker: Alex Klavitter
Library Patron: Andrew Hamilton
Jason's Friends: Jesse Donaldson, Elena Lauterbach
Mother: Caitlin Bishop
Child: Henry
Barback: Erin Lyons
Nori as Herself
Why I Must Be Careful is Seth Brown, John Niekrasz
Mattress is Rex Marshall

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