Field Guide Bike Tour-Days 23-25/Bay Area

July 4th, 2010 by

Three days off from biking! Mary and I spent our time in the Bay Area relaxing and catching up with friends. Thanks to Artist’s Television Access for hosting our screening (awesome space and great people; they have been exhibiting in the same space for over 25 years!) and our host Allie in the east bay for putting us up and helping me try to kill an awful cold I snatched on my way into town.

Alamo Square

Where did Mary go?

There she is! (now find the WIZARD)

Panhandle Graffiti

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

Some advice from the California Academy of Sciences

Big fish


Albino alligator

Taxidermy zebras

Weird Fish in the Mission (DELICIOUS)

Screening at ATA (This space rocks)

Our Canadian friends made it to the screening! (lower left) Allie (our awesome host) is sitting behind them.

Oscar Grant Memorial back in Oakland