14 Daily Scenes

2014, 30 mins
HD Video

Directed by
Nick Peterson

Produced by
Tia Nii

14 Daily Scenes is a short documentary observing everyday people during their 24 hour routines. By emphasizing not only the individual but also the space that they inhabit, filmmaker Nick Peterson highlights the role that environment plays in our work and living spaces. From potato farmers in rural Idaho, to a teacher in Rhode Island, to a single father with his daughter in Oregon, this documentary takes a deeper look at differing lifestyle landscapes and jobs as they are woven together to explore the differences and similarities that we all share. This film was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Clayton Nii - Bus Driver INEEL, Blackfoot ID
Jennifer Russina, Ben Watson, Liam and Fiona - AM Family, Portland, OR
Jacob Clary - Line Cook, Brooklyn, NY
Herminia Ramirez, Adrian Capiec - Potato Farmers: Wada Farms, Blackfoot ID
Rob Tyler - Freelance Filmmaker, Portland, OR
Sarah Campbell - Teacher, Kingston, RI
John Hoobler, Selena Baines - Photographer and Model, Blackfoot, ID
Dave Williams - Woodworker, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Beekley - Baker at Two Tarts, Portland, OR
George Tsui - Acupuncturist at Shing Xin, Portland, OR
Mike Warner - Welder, Portland, OR
Vong Pham - Chef at Halo Thai, Portland, OR
Jack Saturn - Karaoke Jockey, Portland, OR
Eric Schopmeyer, Quinn - PM Family, Portland, OR